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London Engagement Photography – Amy & Marc

london engagement photography

This one’s a bit different – a night time shoot in Central London! When Amy & Marc said they wanted to do something a bit different, they meant it. Usually us photographers are all about the light, the wonderful natural light! What happens when there isn’t any? Well, there’s actually quite a bit of available light around built up cities if you look for it, but you do have to be more selective with what you can do and how you go about it.
Amy loved the idea of following the river Thames, starting on the north bank, so we’d have the London Eye in the background (it really is stunning at night). There’s plenty of amazing smells as you walk past all the different restaurants along the way. The best smell of all (and taste) has to be Roasted Candied Peanuts, severed on the streets all over London!

Not only did we get the benefit of London looking wonderful at night, but being December, all the Christmas lights were out too. All the festive markets were buzzing as we passed over Waterloo Bridge (my favourite one – amazing view both ways) and continued along the south bank towards the Millennium Bridge and the Globe Theatre. St. Paul’s also gets its own lighting setup, which was directly across the water from us, perfect for our little shoot!
Amy & Marc will be celebrating their wedding next May and I can’t wait to document it for them! Bring on Cain Manor!
If you’re interested in a photoshoot with your other half, do drop me a line!

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