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Iceland on 35mm Film

Iceland on 35mm film

It’s January 2020! This means that I finally have a little more time on my hands than I usually do (not getting hammered by editing and weddings). It gives me the change to do a little bit of business housekeeping, blogging/social media/getting inspired/getting new stuff, as well as some good quality family time. I can’t believe how much swimming we’ve done already since the new year! This post isn’t at all wedding related, but I’ve been keen to share it for a few months now.Back in May 2019, Julie and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary! We wanted to go away somewhere nice and picturesque, preferably without our two girls… the first time in a while actually. We thought about Barcelona first, yes, that’s it we said. No, Amsterdam! Ok, we’ll go there. How about Italy, we’ll retrace our honeymoon footsteps through the northern lakes, stopping off at Verona and we’ll end up in Venice… see if they’ve shut that stopcock off yet. Whilst discussing ideas, we realised that we’d both been thinking about Iceland… we’d always talked about visiting it and now seemed to be the perfect time.Whenever we go away, we tend to aim for accommodation that allows us to do things our own way. Hotels can be nice, but you often feel a bit cut off from experiencing life as a local… and it’s easy to end up in some sort of schedule. Breakfast is served between “bla” & “bla”, the pool opens at… etc.We decided to go self-catering and turn to our trusted friend, AirBnB! It was now January 2019, we hired a car and booked our flights within a few days of securing our “Little Blue House”, a lovely cabin surrounded by volcanoes near Reykholt, Southern Iceland.

Julie put in hours or research, followed bloggers, YouTubers and studied plenty of books and maps. Iceland is defiantly a country of hidden secrets and gems, so it’s well worth finding out as much as you can before you go. It also pays dividends to speak with people who have already been, they’ll most defiantly have plenty to say about Iceland and will probably give you an abundance of tips as you prepare to go.What can I say about our five day trip? It was just epic! From the moment we breathed the amazingly clean air as we stepped out of the Airport, we loved the place. The sensational sense of otherworldliness was so apparent, particularly as we drove away from Keflavik Airport, through the very unfamiliar, lather fashioned terrain.It also gave me the opportunity to break out my old Nikon F100, I decided to take one roll of Kodak Portra 400 per day (five in total) and leave all my digital gear at home. That’s right, every photo you see below was shot on film! It’s really easy to endlessly snap away when you’re on holiday, especially when you’re in a country as visually stimulating as Iceland. Limiting myself  to 36 frames per day really helped me to think about what I was shooting, I found that I constantly asked myself, “am I actually going to use this photo?” Here’s the highlights:Nikon F100
14-24mm, 35mm & 85mm
Kodak Portra 400 – processed & scanned by Richard Photo Lab