Brewerstreet Farmhouse Wedding Photography

Jess & David

So then, tell me a little bit about Brewerstreet Farmhouse weddings!

Brewerstreet Farmhouse is situated just outside the charming village of Bletchingley, Surrey and was formally a working dairy farm. Owned by dynamic due Chris & Sasha, it started playing host to weddings in 1993, they then sold all their cows in 2000 and dedicated the six acres surrounding their grade 1 listed Brewerstreet Farmhouse to wedding perfection. They specialise in Marquee weddings and although the Manor House isn't actually used on the day (since Chris & Sacha live there), they do offer couples one of its very spacious rooms for getting ready in (and they'll have access throughout the day). In fact, I also had access to one of their downstairs rooms in order to store my gear and make the odd backup! Chris & Sacha make effortless work of ensuring everyone has a great time and things run very smoothly, they're an absolute joy to work alongside! Brewerstreet Farmhouse is also pretty exclusive too, they only host ten weddings per year so their couples get a very personal experience. They also have plenty of regular suppliers to recommend and can cater for up to 200 guests... which is pretty awesome considering the attention to detail they ooze.

The ceremony - St. Nicholas Church, Godstone:

I get to shoot in some classically charming "English Style" places. St. Nicholas Church in Godstone, Surrey is nestled in one of the prettiest villages you could ever lay eyes on, what a lovely location to get married in! There's a really good size car park (which is pretty much a field) opposite the Church, but even that was a nice sight in the glistening sun. As you approach the Church on foot, you walk past some absolutely stunning cottages and just about the most beautiful courtyard belonging to St. Mary's Chapel, which is right next to the Church. You'll love it, your guests will love it... I LOVED IT! After the ceremony, the little steps outside the Church were so ideal for some savage confetti... one of my favourite shot from the day.

Brewerstreet Farmhouse wedding photography - my final thoughts:

Chris & Sacha have really perfected that "family run" wedding business and it absolutely makes you feel totally looked after and free to be yourself. There's none of that stuffy corporate-ness and you'll love they way they get you so excited as you approach your wedding day. Jess, David & I dropped in to say hello a few weeks prior to the wedding and we were welcomed by happy dogs, tea & biscuits and lovely warmth. I can totally see why Jess & David fell in love with this place, it really is stunning and has some really great vibes. There's loads of amazing scenes for photos just about everywhere and Chris & Sacha will be very happy to point out all the best areas, and a few secret nooks & crannies too. If you're looking for a truly wonderful experience on your wedding day by people who care a great deal about what they do, I'd say that Brewerstreet Farmhouse would be well work exploring! If you'd like to know a bit more about my experience there, do get in touch!