Devil’s Dyke Engagement Photography

Michelle & Daniel

Hang on... they look familia???

You might recognise these two from an earlier post! I photographed their wedding back in early 2022 at Southend Barns (see the post here) and it was an absolute blast! We did actually have an engagement session between lockdowns in 2021, but I never got round to posting it on my blog... so here it is!

What a location!

Although Michelle & Daniel live in Loughborough, Michelle's parents live in Hampshire... so it made sense to aim for something down south the next time they were visiting. I had the South Downs in mind (I love that place), but I hadn't actually visited Devil's Dyke before and I remember my parents talking about how good it was following a recent trip. I pitched the idea to Michelle, who thought it would be a great spot. Well, it was much more than a great spot... it was straight out of Games of Thrones... bar the dragons (bend the knee). It had a wonderful blend of wooded areas, stunning views and breathtaking valleys... so absolutely ideal for a photoshoot!

Should you have your engagement session there?

If you're within a couple of hours drive from Brighton, UK... it's a total winner. You'll get some amazing photos with lots of variety thanks to its wide range of backdrops (that seem totally different). Spring is best when all the wild flowers are blooming... take lots of snacks, water & good walking boots. You'll love it! Want a super wedding photographer behind the camera? Give me a should right here!