Here I feature some of my recent work, as well as personal projects, interest, shenanigans and otherness.  Feel free to have a good old rummage and do let me know if you’re liking what you’re seeing!

Engagement Photography London – Stephanie & Craig

Oct 13, 2017

Remember June of 2017? Remember how HOT it was? I mean, I love it when the sun comes out… believe me! But 36.5C for us Brits is a bit right wing!I met Stephanie & Craig back in January when they’d recently fulfilled their ambition of opening their own pub, which is fabulous by the way – check out the Crane in Wandsworth! They completely renovated the whole thing – top

Wedding Photography at Chipstead Golf Club – Philippa & Manuel

Aug 31, 2017

So how exactly do you plan a wedding in the UK, when you and your Fiancé both live in Spain? Well that’s exactly what Philippa and Manuel managed to do! Philippa left England a few years ago when an exciting teaching position became available in Madrid, little did she know she would end up meeting the wonderful Manuel out there! Philippa’s mother got in contact with me at first and

Wedding Photography at the Surrey National Golf Club – Emma & David

Aug 12, 2017

Introducing Emma & David’s wedding photos! Yet another glorious July weekend (of course with a bit of rain) and an even more glorious couple. I’d been looking forward to shooting this one from the moment Emma and David told me all about it. You see, David and I go way back to our motorway cruising, pub exploring, holiday making, movie creating, shenanigan initiating teens – so this was no ordinary

Wedding Photography at Pembroke Lodge – Crystal & John

May 15, 2017

Once again I had the amazing opportunity to photograph another outstanding wedding, with a fabulous couple no less! Allow me to introduce Crystal & John – who stumbled upon the magnificent Pembroke Lodge last year, nestled within the royal grounds of Richmond Park. Their wedding was at the beginning of spring, culling season was in full swing (for the deer, not the cyclists) and mother nature was getting into her