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Getting the most beautiful wedding photos

Jan 10, 2018

Here’s my 10 tips for getting the most most beautiful wedding photos. I’ve been shooting weddings for quite a few years now and often get asked questions like “how much” and “how many photos”, or “there’s so many photographers out there, what makes you different?”. Things like that – all very relevant if you’ve just gotten engaged and are on the hunt for a wedding photographer who’s going to capture

Wedding Photography at Wotton House – Lou & Rob

Dec 15, 2017

So, 13 acres of grounds, a smattering of ancient Greek architecture, Italian gardens… this is Lou & Rob’s amazing wedding at Wotton House! In what was once the former seat of the Evelyn family, this 17th-century house has a long tradition of entertaining guests, handy now that it’s a wedding venue! December weddings always have a touch of magic in the air, as Christmas decorations are up and and the

Wedding Photography at Morden Hall – Stephanie & Craig

Nov 09, 2017

You may recognise these two from my “Engagement Photography London” post, featuring the highlights from their pre-wedding session in central London back in June. It was wonderful to be working with Stephanie & Craig once again, and totally awesome to shoot my first wedding at the magnificent Morden Hall in Surrey. What an absolute gem it is (really), it’s an exquisite 18th century country house in South London and one

Engagement Photography London – Stephanie & Craig

Oct 13, 2017

Remember June of 2017? Remember how HOT it was? I mean, I love it when the sun comes out… believe me! But 36.5C for us Brits is a bit right wing!I met Stephanie & Craig back in January when they’d recently fulfilled their ambition of opening their own pub, which is fabulous by the way – check out the Crane in Wandsworth! They completely renovated the whole thing – top