Pennyhill Park Hotel

Maddie & Ian

Maddie and Ian got married at Pennyhill Park, which is a beautiful hotel in Surrey, just North of Guildford with just about the most amazing exterior/interior you'll ever go "WOW" at. It was a gorgeous day and we had absolutely perfect weather all day long (during the big hosepipe ban)!

The ceremony at Pennyhill Park Hotel:

The ceremony was an intimate affair in a stunning room that was so carefully decorated by the awesome team at Ether Events. During the ceremony everyone just kept laughing so much, these two were absolutely hilarious with legendary wisecracks left, right & centre. It was just so much fun and everyone (including the registrars) had an absolute blast. They decorated the area with so much colour, which I loved. The reception was in a private room at Pennyhill Park – I love this venue because it has so many great opportunities for portraits. Weddings at Pennyhill Park are amazing, because the building is ridiculously stunning (like crazy). 

Why Pennyhill Park Hotel is a great place to get married:

Pennyhill Park is perfect for intimate weddings, and is one of the best places to get married in Surrey. The venue offers an onsite hotel so guests don’t have to travel home – and there are so many beautiful spots that are perfect for photos.

After the ceremony:

The couple had a cocktail drinks reception in the afternoon, and an intimate family dinner in the evening. I loved their incredible doughnut cake and even managed to race (and beat) one of the guests in a "who can finish their doughnut first" competition. For dinner they had proper silver service (obviously), and the first dance included some proper shapes, respect. They finished off the evening with plenty of dancing, drinking. eating. drinking. haha.

The couple:

Maddie wore a lovely knee length dress and Ian wore a three piece navy blue suite and they looked really awesome together. There was a bit of a blue/purple theme going on here, all the flowers and little details (Ian's tie) had a touch of subtle coordination. which really worked. The couple got in touch with me at the beginning of the year, and their enquiry made me laugh. They said "Ian threw a napkin in Maddie's face like Gambit from X-Men thinking it would be funny. Only one of us laughed. It wasn't her, and I loved that they seemed so much fun. It's really nice when couples connect with my sense of humour and bring some of their own along too. That's when I know we're going to have a great day.

Advice for planning your wedding at Pennyhill Park Hotel: 

The team are very capable and will take time to understand exactly what you need. They will then make some really great suggestions, from small & intimate wedding is like Maddy and Ian's. to massive ones with your entire road turning up. The food is sensational and they'll take care of absolutely everything for you! Maddie asked if they served Vanilla Coke at a pre-wedding meeting, then forgot about it. Came their big day: Vanilla Coke was on tap.

If you’re planning a wedding at Pennyhill Park Hotel, get in touch!

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