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I live in Surrey with Julie (my wife), Emilie (our 12 year old daughter), Louise (our 9 year old daughter), Nibbles (Guinea Pig), Fluffball (also a Guinea Pig/sister to Nibbles) & Sucky (our Rusty Pleco… who’s a tropical catfish). I haven’t managed to get a decent photo of him yet, because he’s nocturnal and lives in a tank… but bless his little scales.

I love espresso coffee, chips, getting poached eggs perfect, renting out the most random AirBnBs, motorhome road trips with my wife and two girls, Alfa Romeos, Salted Caramel everything, letting our guinea pigs run riot in our house and I’m always trying to get my little lawn to look perfect (obviously with stripes).


I love Withnail & I (watching/quoting), practically everything Christopher Guest has done, Waiting for Guffman & A Mighty Wind are strong. I adored the new Star Trek Picard series (I just mentioned Star Trek on the site that makes me my living, ahhhh). Marvel’s Infinity War and Endgame get a feature and obviously the original Star Wars trilogy will now be thrown in… and Back to the Future.

I love theme parks, making pastry (new lockdown skill), mountains & forests, thinking about returning to Iceland (the country, not your Mum’s favourite shop), building huge bon-fires with my girls & eating marshmallows, telling cold callers fake war stories, home made pizza, Dijon mustard, using water from my dehumidifier to water my plants, messing about with my lawnmower and making unbelievable coffee with my lovely little espresso machine.

I hate strong wind blowing my hood up… and just strong wind, walking on Ice (lack of traction), a blunt knife, leaves getting into my drain and blocking it, getting static shocks (I seem to get them a lot), balloons (I have a wee problem with them for some reason, my friends think it’s hilarious), junk emails, getting sucked into things like the Great British Bake Off & Strictly by my family… then getting into it and actually liking it, seeing BREAKING NEWS… and then it’s nothing… and finally… NO INTERNET during a zoom quiz!

Oh yeah... I LOVE aviation and really want a pilot's licence one day!

Most of all - we like doing silly things and having fun!

I mean, why the heck not?