Hello there

My name’s Mark and I’ve been addicted to photography ever since my dad let me shoot a roll of slide film in Venice. I was six at the time and I still have vivid memories of photographing my three year old brother in St. Mark’s Square, totally covered in pigeons!  When I look back at these old slides, they evoke memories that would otherwise be lost and impossible to share. That’s why I love doing what I do, photography has the power to immortalise moments and take you right back to the way you felt at the time.

I’m very lucky to have an amazing family! Julie, who I married in 2009… craft and drawing expert Emilie emerged in 2011 and our glue and glitter guru Louise joined us in 2013. Julie’s from Tours Sur Loire in central France, so naturally we had our fabulous wedding right there! It was actually my first taste of a wedding abroad, a little different to arrange but totally worth it (our friends still talk about it). Since then I’ve shot quite a few weddings overseas, it’s a magnificent experience every time.

My photographic style is natural and relaxed, whilst being emotionally sensitive. I’m after photos that my clients really connect with in a personal way, a true reflection of who they are and the values they share. I always recommend a personal meeting before booking, just to make sure we’re a good match.  This is also a great opportunity for us to speak about your wedding day, it’s important to me to know what’s important to you!

Aside from Photography, I'm a big fan of...

  • Family life

  • Flying

  • Travel

  • The outdoors

  • Diving

  • Music

  • The coast