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Surrey Wedding Photographer, UK

Hi! I’m Mark and I’m a fun loving, super relaxed, anti-awkward Surrey Wedding Photographer, UK. I love crazy strong coffee, chips, getting poached eggs perfect, renting out the most random AirBnBs, motorhome road trips with my wife and two girls, letting our guinea pigs run riot in our house and I’m always trying to get my little lawn to look perfect (obviously with stripes).

You’re looking for the polar opposite to the traditional, stereotypical surrey wedding photographer (complete with stepladder) who’s absolutely going to make you look amazing without any of that bossy awkwardness. So if you want some really killer wedding photos from someone who feels like one of your mates, hit the “more about me” button and start your journey.

Surrey Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography in Surrey

Photographing weddings is a pretty sweet job, it's not really about camera settings or Photoshop... it's about people. Your wedding photos should make you smile, they should re-connect you with moments that would otherwise be lost. It's certainly not about standing there whilst a photographer does their thing... waiting for it to be over. I want you to be excited about your wedding photos, even if they haven't been taken yet! Why not ;-) I love photographing weddings where having a great time is at the heart of the day, I'll capture all the silliness and fun just like a secret agent... and I'll help you to have a really awesome day whilst I'm doing my stuff. I may be a Surrey wedding photographer... but I travel about too, so even if your wedding's on a remote island in the Atlantic, give me a shout if you like what you see!

Absolutely, as you are!

I specialise in capturing fun, hilarious shenanigans, silliness and all the little bits that most people would leave out.


Wedding photography that makes you go, "OOOOOO - he nailed us".

This is quite a biggie for me... I think that if your photographer doesn't connect with you on your wedding day, you won't connect with your wedding photos in years to come. Being professional is important, but being personal is massive. Humour is definitely an essential ingredient and it lays at the very heart of how I operate. I LOVE photographing people in their absolute element... which enormously differs from couple to couple. As we approach your wedding day, they'll be plenty of opportunities for us to chat & meet (even at your wedding venue). As well as discussing your wedding plans, we can get to know each other a bit too! I can tell you how amazing Fulham FC is, you can grind that conversation to am immediate halt if you don't like football. You can tell me which Netflix series you're watching and what you think I need to check out next. Connecting on normal stuff really does make a difference to how I shoot your wedding... helping you to be yourself on your big day is my ultimate goal!

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“Mark was amazing, he made everyone feel at ease on our wedding day, all my guests commented about how good he was!! He listened to what we wanted and had brilliant ideas which we hadn’t even thought of. I couldn’t ask for anything else. Thank you Mark!!!”