Hey, you’ve made it to the “What’s the Damage?” page. Great going! You want a super relaxed photographer who loves the fact that you and your partner are one offs, they’re not going to engineer you into people you’re not and they’ll make you feel like a billion dollars doing it. You also want a photographer who’s going to be utterly transparent right from the start, not springing any nasty surprises once you’ve booked.

You don’t want your photographer to take an eternity getting photos of your family out in the blazing sun, bossing them around whilst losing the moments. They’ll be an awful lot going on in your head when you get married, you’ll be buzzing! So I’ll make sure I catch all those little things you might have missed during your wedding whirlwind… and bring some establishing context to it too.

Booking me is uber easy and you’ll become so excited when we start chatting abut your wedding and begin to bounce ideas off each other. By the time your wedding day arrives, we’ll have a simple plan that ensures we don’t leave anything important out. However, it’ll give us the flexibility to improvise when we feel like it… or totally abandon it if we want to. If you’d like some more info, please get in touch and we’ll talk.

Typical Wedding Day:

* Full day coverage from morning preparations to the first dance.
* A password protected online gallery.
* Unlimited amount of high-fives & fist bumps.


Second Photographer

A great way to get photos of both the bridal party & groomsmen getting ready in the morning, even if they're in different locations. It also means that you get a wider range of photos during the day!


Engagement Session

A pre-wedding engagement session is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a wee bit more before your wedding day, and we’ll get some epic photos too.


Bespoke Leather Albums

An astonishing 14×10″ 60 page leather bound album. It’ll be designed by me, based on your favourite photos from your wedding. It’s to die for! Check out my "Albums" page by hovering over "Info/Prices" in the menu.



How many photos will we receive?

It all depends on your wedding and what happens on the day! It's difficult to give you an exact number as I haven't shot it yet ;-) However, it's always over the 500 mark! Having a second photographer at your wedding will bump it up too.

Are you insured?

Absolutely, my Public Liability insurance covers me up to £5 million. I can break something pretty expensive can't I ;-)

Can we print our images, are there any restrictions?

They're your wedding photos!!! I think they absolutely must be printed and you can even order prints through your online gallery... or wherever you want to. You can print them out and put them all over your house. Even better, put them all over someone else's house. If your friends have their wedding photos up on their wall, replace them with yours.

Do we need to sign anything when booking?

Yes. All wedding photographers (and all suppliers for that matter) should have an agreement in writing. It means that your date, venue & what you've ordered are all in black and white... and we'll all sign it. It's there to protect us both and really helps with transparency, you'll feel reassured when you sign it.

What happens if you suddenly can't make our wedding?

This is a really important question! As much as I'd love to guarantee I'll be at your wedding 100%, there's always a small chance that something unforeseen could happen to me. In the event that I am unable to make it, I'll turn to some of my amazing friends in the wedding community and find a talented and established photographer to step in. I'll then get all the images from them and carry out all the post production and finish the job. I'll also try to find someone who isn't a million miles away from my style and demeanour... just so you don't miss me too much. This is covered in my contract (as mentioned above).

It's quite a long day, should we arrange a meal for you?

It's such a great feeling when you're half way through totally nailing a wedding, and there's some lovely food waiting for you! I generally back away from the wedding breakfast as I know you and your guests probably won't appreciate being photographed at this point... so it's an ideal time for me to get stuck in too. Most wedding venues will happily look after me at your request. I eat absolutely everything, apart from strawberries... they don't like me :-(

Shall we give you a list of photos we want?

The only list that's handy is one for the group/family photos, just to make sure we don't miss anyone out. I'll be photographing your wedding like a fly on the wall, so it's not necessary to say, "please get the kiss, please get the first dance". If something happens, I'm all over it! As for your family photos, from experience... if we're shooting them for more than fifteen minutes, you might start feeling like running to Mexico. I recommend keeping your list lean, and your guests keen!

Are all the images we receive hi-res?

Yes they are! I've heard horror stories about photographers giving their couples low-res files, then trying to charge more for the printable versions. Don't worry, you'll get the full files.

When will we receive our photos, and how?

Typically it takes me about four weeks to get them to you. You'll receive a link that will take you to your password protected client area, where you'll be able to view & download your lovely wedding photos!

Do we need a second photographer for our wedding?

It’s pretty much dependant on your wedding. Having an additional photographer present allows me to effectively be in two places at once. I usually spend the morning with the bridal party and my camera buddy will be with the boys, pinching their fry ups and drinking their tea. Another benefit is that one of us can be at the back of your ceremony and the other at the front, so we’ve got all the angles covered (ideal if movement is restricted). Then there’s the dynamics. Since there’s two of us, it allows me to spend more time on the farty arty stuff whilst my assistant mingles with your guests and snaps away. In short, you get more of the good stuff!

What's an Engagement Session all about?

A pre-wedding engagement session is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a wee bit more before your wedding day, and we’ll get some epic photos too. It’s a bit like going on a little adventure together for an hour or two, maybe in a national park, maybe at the coast or maybe during a bee keeping red letter day. We’ll have a right laugh and get some gorgeous pictures too, perhaps even for your invites!

What's the difference between one of your albums, and one we can make ourselves?

Well firstly, you can certainly make an album yourself! You'll have all the hi-res images from your gallery available for download (at printable quality). The albums that I produce are made by an Italian company called GraphiStudio, they make some of the finest wedding books in the world and only work with professional photographers. You'll get a totally mind bending memento of your day, with all the feel and smell of that awesome Italian leather (or synthetic materials if you wish). Be sure to check out my Albums page (top menu) for more info.

Are you full time?

Yes, I've been a full time photographer since 2012 - and I'm loving it ;-) I pretty much shoot weddings exclusively.

Do we really get high fives and fist bumps throughout the day?

My most asked question (unbelievably)! Yes you do, but they require a situation to warrant them first. I can't be seen to dish them out for no real reason, otherwise I get mobbed. Something needs to happen, that thing needs to be pretty awesome... I then become emotionally moved towards marking it with the above mentioned gestures.

Can we photograph you?

How about you photograph me... your guests photograph you, photographing me... and I photograph your guests photographing you. That way we can have some sort of inception situation going on. As long as we don't rupture some sort of continuum, it's all good.

We hate having our photo taken! What now?

I hear you - tell you what, neither do I! I think you probably hate someone pointing a camera at you, barking instructions and making you feel awkward. Right? My theory is that it's actually this that is the problem. It's the thought of being made to feel awkward, uncomfortable and uneasy... therefore making you look exactly those things in the photos. However, something that seems to pop up quite a bit in my google reviews is: "He made everyone feel at ease on our wedding day" or "Great fun to work with and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera".

Your wedding should be a fun and relaxed day, you certainly don't need a photographer trying achieve their own goals or attempting to turn you into someone you're not. Some couples will be happy to be photographed for hours, but most will not. I can get some cracking portraits in 10-15 minutes, we'll have a bit of a walk about, have a right laugh and a bit of fun too. I bet you'll say something like, "well that wasn't hard was it".

So what's involved in the booking process?

Well, hopefully at this point you'll be thinking... "yep, Mark's the very man for us, he's going to totally knock our wedding out of the park".

Booking me for your wedding couldn't be easier! Firstly, head over to my contact page and fill in the form with all the relevant details (it's all self explanatory). I'll be in touch shortly after with my availability on your date, if all's good, we'll set up a video meeting and have a good ol' natter about you and your wedding plans. If you'd like to go ahead and place a booking, you'll receive a link from me which will take you to your very own booking portal. There, you'll be able to build your own photography package by selecting the bits you want (like a second photographer) and leave out the things you don't want (like an engagement session). Once you've built your package, a contract will be generated for you to sign, and you'll also be able to pay your 25% booking deposit. They'll also be a brief questionnaire for you to complete, just to make sure I have all the relevant info about you and your day.

The entire process takes about twenty minutes to complete online. Then, you'll be in the "Mark's gonna shoot our wedding club". T-Shirts not available.

We don't need a photographer for a full day, can we still book you?

If you are having a small wedding between November and February, with shorter coverage required (minimum four hours), I can absolutely tailor my photography to your needs and can even give you an hourly rate. So just get in touch to let me know what you require and we’ll make it happen!

How far do you travel?

I'm based in Surrey and typically cover London and the surrounding counties (Kent, East/West Sussex, Hampshire & Berkshire). However, I do travel further afield on occasions! If your wedding is more than a two hour drive away, it might be sensible for me to arrive the day before and leave the morning after... so accommodation may be factored in. If you're planning a destination wedding that requires a more in depth approach (like the SAS), but you'd still like me to do my thing on your big day... do drop me a line and we'll work it out! I've shot weddings in Italy, France, Romania & Ireland so far... I'd love to add a few more to that list (like Iceland... go on, you know you want to).

What my couples say...

What my couples say...

“We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our wedding photos. They’re amazing, you really captured the day and it all felt so effortless”