Brookfield Barn Wedding Photography

Hannah & Adrian

So, this one’s all about fancy cars, a beautiful Church, a big swing, a golf buggy, a vintage pub and Arsenal FC. Yup… here’s how Hannah & Adrain got the job done!

St. Bartholomew’s Church, known as St. Bart’s (I love that), is the official Parish Church of Horley in West Sussex. It dates back to the 14th century and it really has the whole “Vicar of Dibley” thing going on. What’s so cool about this place it that it sits right next to a lovely little pub called “Ye Olde Six Bells”… which means that all your guests can meet there for a jar or two before the proceedings… well… proceed. I mean, just look at it below… how charming! When you step back and view the Church and pub together, you do feel a bit “warmed up” somehow. Cool place to get married, right?

Hannah’s farther was in charge of arranging transport for the bridal party, he had a particular fondness for vintage Buicks and managed to track down his favourite model… a 1955 Buick Special convertible (the red one below). I’ve got to say, it literally stopped traffic on the way there and completely stole the show. White cars are usually the choice for the majority of weddings… but man, red absolutely killed it. We should have so much more of that, don’t you think? Admit it, you want that car don’t you! Tell ya what… here’s their website:

So, what did I make of Brookfield Barn and do I think you should check it out for your wedding venue? Well firstly, it was built for the very purpose of hosting weddings and you get total exclusivity on your big day. In fact, you actually get an entire 9 hole golf course to yourself! I know it’s not a wedding related point, but if you or your guests provide clubs/balls… you can play!

Ok, so back to the wedding stuff and what you actually want to know. As I said, there’s plenty of space and there’s a wonderful sense of “being secluded” (did I mention the 9 holes?). There’s a beautiful pond right in front of the barn and the staff actually take responsibility for any ducklings they have, even encouraging gusts to “come take a look”. Although Hannah didn’t require it in the morning, Brookfield has a really great “Prep Room” with picturesque views of the grounds below. It’s included in the venue hire charge and will cater for up to eight people from 9am. It has three large mirrors, hair & make-up chairs, a shower room and Bluetooth speakers… so you can blast “No Regrets” by Robbie Williams, before signing the reg. There’s two options for your ceremony location. Inside: A handcrafted oak-framed barn and lush green backdrop with a contemporary interior. Outside: A wonderful and charming patio directly in from of the pond, with a fixed gazebo for the registrar. Both options are excellent and will cater for up to 120 guests, extending to 160 for the evening. If you choose the barn, it comes with integrated lighting, sound, web streaming technology and a generous layout that you can customise. The same applies for the reception, Adrian was even able to decorate the bar area with Arsenal related memorabilia!

Hannah & Adrian’s wedding was so much fun and I really enjoyed being part of it. The staff at Brookfield Barn were utterly brilliant and made the entire experience really special for all of us… so they definitely get a mention right here! I loved the way they all communicated via their headsets (Britney Spears style) and they were really thoughtful and caring towards everyone. When it came to slipping off for a few photos near the golf green, they had a golf buggy waiting for us and a member of staff made sure we knew what we were doing… then just let us take off with it. No “make sure you do this” or “be careful not to do that”… just “have fun”!

Would I recommend Brookfield? Absolutely! Basically… they take of everything so that you can relax and enjoy your day. That is how it should be done!

If you’re planning your wedding and would like to speak to me about your plans… visit my contact page, fill out the form and we’ll set up a time to chat!