Froyle Park Wedding Photography

Allie & Trev

Today’s blog post, Allie & Trev’s Christmas extravaganza of 2019 (which was way back in the old days, when guests could be herded around without social distancing measures). Is it me or is December the new August for weddings? Winter weddings are on the increase and venues are really upping their game to adapt to this new phenomenon. In some cases, it means completely transforming their interior design and keeping everyone warm, even outside. They’re also a bit more challenging to photograph as the days are much shorter, if the ceremony starts at 1pm and it gets dark at 4pm, you don’t have long before you need to pull out the lights. I see this as a good thing though, as new challenges often give birth to new creativity.

It was only four days before Christmas, my last wedding of a busy 2019 and my first time at the magnificent Froyle Park. I have to say, this place totally rocked! The styling is quite intriguing, a kind of classic English manor house but with greek statues, Italian gardens and peacocks thrown in (they weren’t literally thrown in, well, I didn’t see anyone throwing a peacock). Every room had a roaring open fire and wing-back chairs (which ARE cool), not to mention the Only Fools and Horses type chandeliers and colossal staircases.

Froyle Park is biblical. Speaking of which, so was the fantastically strange weather. We’re used to the changeable kind here in the UK, but this was amazing. Shortly after I arrived, I photographed the front of the building beneath an overcast sky, which somehow turned completely blue by the time I walked round to the rear. You can see it below, it looks like different days!

Photographing Allie & Trev was such great fun, they wanted me to do what I like doing the most, hang back and catch all the natural stuff (music to my ears). Well, with one or two creative lighting shots chucked in for good measure (but it was December). Our plan throughout the day was to get out in the cold, nail it immediately, run back inside, wipe the condensation off my lenses… repeat. It was close to zero out there! I hope I’ll be back soon though.

Many thanks to Allie & Trev for taking me there and letting me be part of their immense day.

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