Nonsuch Mansion Engagement

Lydia & Jon

This is Lydia & Jon's Nonsuch Mansion Engagement Photoshoot highlights, which were captured on a very sunny summer's day... I'm talking HUGE sun. The idea was to meet up in Nonsuch Park (which is in Cheam, Surrey) and explore the landscaped section of the gardens in front of the Mansion House. As you can see, it's a pretty EPIC location for photos and is a great wedding venue too (click here to see Heather & AL's wedding there). Sometimes I have a bit of a plan and know exactly what I want to try, sometimes I prefer to let the location tell me what to do when we start shooting. This shoot was definitely of the latter, we simply decided to aim for the evening light and allow the beautiful surroundings to inspire us. Here's a few images from the session... enjoy ;-)