Southend Barns Wedding Photography

Michelle & Daniel

An overview of the day (strap yourself in):

If you're thinking about getting married at Southend Barns and you've stumbled upon this post... it might just be all the inspiration you need to say YES to it. If you like, you can say YES into a mirror, that way... at leat one other person will be just as excited as you are. Actually, Southend Barnes has one of the most spectacular "Barn Style" interiors I have ever seen (and I've seen a few), it's a stunning sight to behold and you'll hear plenty of gasps when your guests first arrive. Southend Barns is located in West Sussex, just to the South of Chichester and it really is an amazing area with beautiful countryside views.

The ceremony - Holy Trinity Church, Bosham:

Michelle & Daniel found their absolute dream Church for their ceremony, the beautiful Holy Trinity Church of Bosham... and it really was spectacular! Bosham is a quintessential charming English village, not far from Chichester Harbour. There you'll find clotted cream, thatched houses & boutique shops... plus a boat ramp just incase you need to set sail sharpish. I caught up with Michelle & her entourage whilst they got ready in a nearby AirBnB (Air Bride & Bridesmaids to me) whilst Desiree (my second photographer) tracked down Daniel & his groomsmen having a crafty pint in the local. The Church was an absolute dream to photograph, the light seemed to be so easy to work with and I had such a great view of the ceremony at the front from a raised platform. Seriously, I'm a big fan of doing everything at a purpose built wedding venue like Southend Barns (no one can get lost or struggle to park), but Bosham is just so pretty and easy... it has a really great car park too for that matter. The Church sits right in from of the waterfront and the view is spectacular, your guests will love it and you'll get some great photos of them... loving it!

Southend barns wedding photography - the reception:

Once we'd all gotten over how amazing Bosham was (and is), everyone set their sat-navs for Southend Barns (specify the bar area), which was only a fifteen minute drive away. As we arrived, we were greeted with cold drinks and delicious canapés... they really knew how to make everyone feel very welcome. You really get the sense that the place is utterly dedicated to weddings, the word "corporate" has been banished and there's a real "family run" feel. There are two licensed ceremony spaces (for up to 140 guests) and a large barn that will cater for up to 150 guests for a seated meal. However, numbers can increase to 200 in the evening when the tables are cleared... perfect for inviting evening guests. Although Michelle didn't need it on the day, most brides choose to get ready in the Milking Parlour as it has plenty of mirrors, lots of space and its own bathroom.

Any good photo ops?

You read my mind! Well... I read my own mind. But YES... crazy good ones. So, they have Llamas in the very next field to the wedding area! Well, they might be Alpacas... not quite sure, but definitely one of those Llamary-ish animals. They don't mind posing for photos if you bribe them with grass... which we did. You'll spend ages trying the get one to come over... when it does, you'll say, "oh crap it's actually coming towards us". My advice, don't panic and stand firm with you handful of grass - they'll slow down at the last minute and you'll get some super pics. They have a reputation for spitting (awful habit), but ours was a gent & scholar. There's a lovely little area/garden to the rear, we stared out there for a few shots before moving onto the livestock... and there's a pretty sweet wagon too. Loads of room for creativity and it's in a place where your guests won't be able to see you if you're having some portraits taken.

Worth a punt?

If you're after a rustic wedding venue, but want a modern feel, Southend Barns will take some serious beating. I work in places like this all the time... they've got the balance just right between cozy and contemporary. It's a beautiful barn for sure, but you won't see a chicken dashing across the floor. The staff will be very happy to show you around... you'll be instantly won over! If you'd like chat to me about it, click here to get in touch!