The Orangery Kent Wedding Photography

Rosie & Richard

Welcome! Yes, welcome to my post all about photographing Rosie & Richard’s wedding at The Orangery in Kent. Firstly (I’ll just come out and say it), it’s a pretty awesome place to get married. If you’re considering it for your wedding venue, let me see if I can get you over the line.

You get space… loads of space, buckets in fact – it’s massive. Outside, we’re talking nine acres of landscaped gardens, a huge lake with lots of those… er… long legged lake style birds… and a waterfall thrown in for good measure. There’s a really lovely “getting ready suite”, which is yours from 9am until midnight and is stylishly furnished with a dressing table, sofas, mirrors, and a changing screen. Absolutely ideal for when you need to grab a breather or freshen up during your big day.

There are three options for the location of your ceremony, two outside and one inside. The outside options are: on the lawn (they have a gazebo set up for this, which makes it all nice and legal… this is what Rosie & Richard did below) or a woodland Lapa overlooking the lake. Both are fabulous and will accommodate up to 150 guests! The inside option is their magnificent Garden Room. Five double doors span the front facade, providing guests with a perfect view of the beautiful garden and the bridal party as they make their entrance across the bridge. This is available all year round and also provides a stunning backup for your civil ceremony in case the weather turns. There was actually a slight chance of rain on Rosie & Richard’s wedding day, but the Garden Room option meant that no one got stressed, even if we didn’t need it in the end. The room allows up to 150 guests as well.

The Orangery room (where the venue gets its name) is where you’ll have your reception. Again, it is very well designed/equipped and most importantly, vast. You’ll enjoy a really classy menu designed in partnership with their talented in-house catering team. You’ll be able to cater for up to 170 day guests and 250 evening guests, which means that they’ll be no arguments over the guest list. There’s an excellent bar (which you can opt to put money behind) and I found the staff to be extremely helpful and accommodating to all the guests. If it’s warm out, they open all the doors leading to the garden and your guests will be able to seamlessly wonder about as if they own the place. Also, since there are no real neighbours nearby… your band can play Bruno Mars as loud as they can… with all the doors open!

The Orangery has so many strings to its bow. A great size car park for all your guests, aquatic wildlife and scenery (I mean, National Trust level), bridal prep facilities, multiple ceremony locations, great photo backdrops and it can handle large weddings too. From my experience… it’s well worth checking out if you want something different on your wedding day… whilst still keeping the feel of a proper wedding.

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