The Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Photography

Chanelle & Keiron

Getting Ready in Style at The Montcalm Hotel

Hey there, folks! It's time to transport you back to December 2021 when Chanelle and Keiron threw one heck of a wedding, despite the COVID curveballs. So, grab your favourite drink, and let's delve into the rollercoaster that was this wedding!

Our adventure began at the luxurious Montcalm Hotel, where the bride and groom got ready in separate rooms. To set the stage for the day, we orchestrated a super cool first look right in the hotel's foyer, with a massive Christmas tree adding some festive vibes to the mix. The Montcalm Hotel was a dreamy spot for these pre-wedding preparations, offering elegance and a touch of sophistication. It was the ideal launchpad for the big day.

The Old Marylebone Town Hall: Where the Magic Unfolded

Once everyone was looking sharp, we hopped into taxis and made our way to the Old Marylebone Town Hall.

The ceremony was a rollercoaster of emotions, with more laughs than you'd expect. There were even some hilarious jokes about what the missing guests might be up to – anyone for some beer? Chanelle and Keiron know how to keep it light and fun, that's for sure.

A Playful Photo Adventure in Regent's Park

After the "I dos," it was time to head across the road to Regent's Park for a photo adventure. We got some curious looks from the posh passersby and even stumbled upon a random lobster in the middle of the road. Yes, you read that right, even posh places have posh litter! We snagged some epic shots by a grand bandstand and under the shade of a massive willow tree. Then, it was back to town for some cool pics in front of those elegant Victorian-style houses.

Family Reunion at The Prince Regent Pub

Once we'd nailed the couple shots, it was time to reunite with the family at The Prince Regent, a cracking pub. The place was decked out with gorgeous flowers, making it the perfect spot for a celebratory meal.

Cheers to Chanelle and Keiron's Perfect Day

Chanelle and Keiron had reserved a private room upstairs for a laid-back family dinner. And you know what that means – more photos! We captured the duo sharing beers, cutting the cake, and soaking in the Christmas vibes. As I left, the sounds of pure joy filled the air. What a day, indeed!

There you have it, folks – a fun-filled, laughter-packed, and incredibly laid-back wedding that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. Chanelle and Keiron, you two are the real deal, and your day was an absolute riot. Thanks for letting me be part of it! 📸💍🎉