Stoke Newington Town Hall

Natalie & Gary

So, what's the deal with this one then?

Well, Natalie & Gary met in TV - they both work in broadcasting and Gary's actually a camera operator... he's worked on such shows as Junior Bake Off! Absolutely no pressure on me then! They got in touch just after their engagement and told me how excited they were to be getting married slap bang in the middle on London, a Stoke Newington Town Hall wedding to be exact. They said things like, "We're getting a proper bus and have this amazing bar"... they sounded right up my street!

About Stoke Newington Town Hall Weddings:

This was actually the first time I'd been here, I was really impressed to say the least. It's actually quite similar to the Islington Town Hall & Old Marylebone Town Hall - so if you're after a vast and epic wedding venue before going elsewhere for your reception, it's absolutely perfect. The staff and registry officers were really lovely and very helpful, there wasn't a sense of being rushed or moved out the way for the next ceremony (which sometimes happens in London). There are some lovely spots inside for a few snaps and a large area outside for all your group/family photos. There's an abundance of natural light in the ceremony room… which is very popular with us photographers! Stoke Newington Town Hall is a lovely place to get married, it certainly made Natalie and Gary's guests feel like they were somewhere interesting and special. It also made me feel like I could get some really fab images there (good thing).

To the Londesborough!

After the rather wonderful ceremony, the entire wedding party embarked on a short walk to The Londesbouough. It was built in 1864 as a purpose-built Victorian Pub to serve the community and has been family owned and run by brothers Gregory and Patrick Wright since 2008. It really is very well decorated and appointed inside, full of interesting details and plenty of awesome character. The staff there were absolutely fantastic and made every single person feel right at home immediately after they arrived. You could really tell that this place is owned and ran by people who care a great deal, making it absolutely ideal for a brilliant wedding reception. The food was absolutely delicious, and there were plenty of bar staff to make sure no one had to queue up for any great length of time to get their drinks. This place is very slick and very smooth, perfectly situated for anyone planning a wedding at the Stoke Newington Town Hall (10 mins walk).

Should you do the same for your wedding if you're looking at the same area?

I reckon you totally should! Since both venues were so welcoming, efficient and easy-going… Natalie and Gary had a very stress free and fun wedding day. All the guests knew exactly what to do and where to go without any confusion, which meant everybody stayed relaxed and were able to enjoy the day. If you're looking to get married in central London, then the Stoke Newington Town Hall and The Londesbough would be a fantastic combination. I bet you and your guests will absolutely love it, check out the photos below for proof!