Morden Hall Wedding Photography

Hannah & Josh

We’re going back to March 2020 for this one, it was actually my last unrestricted wedding before Boris told us all to stay at home until he blew his whistle. No masks, no two metres and no hand sanitiser… remember the good ‘ol days?

Hannah & Josh couldn’t have timed it better actually, they even left the UK for their honeymoon the day after and returned to a complete lockdown. “Hey, whaaaa happed?” I wonder if they secretly knew something? Perhaps they had government connections or links to the WHO? Neither Hannah nor Josh seemed to look shifty during their wedding, even when I look back through their photos… no subtle winks to family members, no nose tapping, no stroking a cat whilst rotating a globe and definitely no brief-case switching. They obviously have possession of the time stone. However, what I did see was far more interesting. 24 carrot, pure unadulterated fun.

I was joined by Charlie for this one, who did a fab job of getting some seriously cool “the lads” photos whilst I spent the morning with the bridal party… or barty. We eventually descended upon St John the Evangelist Church in Coulsdon for the ceremony, before making our way to Morden Hall for frolicking and shenanigans.

When you arrive at a wedding reception, there’s nothing better than a friendly atmosphere the minute you walk through the entrance. Oh, and my nose detected an outdoor pizza oven with a “make your own toppings” thing going on… which I obviously jumped at as soon as it opened (the chap running it also gave some some great tips for home made pizza). I really loved all the funky touches that Hannah & Josh had clearly spent time thinking about, the sneaky games planted around went down a storm and all the flowers/decorations were made by Hannah and her helpers. They also had a cracking band in the evening too, Suit & Tie (Bruno Mars fest). This wedding was exactly what weddings should be… damn good fun!

Hannah’s dress: Essence of Australia from Aurora Bride

Hannah’s shoes: Kurt Geiger

Groomsmen’s suits: Ted baker from Moss Bros

Josh’s shoes: Eve’s and Gray London

Catering: Galloping Gourmet

Flowers and decor by Hannah & her helpers

Cake: Rachel Long, (Hannah’s bridesmaid)

The funky band: Suit and Tie