The Royal Pavilion Wedding

Becky & Tom

Okay, listen up, folks! I recently attended a wedding at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, and let me tell you, it was a real eye-opener. I thought I was heading to the beach, but instead, I ended up at the mini Taj Mahal! Who knew the UK had such exotic buildings?

Apparently, this place has a history as colorful as a rainbow on acid. It was built as a pleasure palace for King George IV, served as a hospital during the First World War, and is now an icon of Brighton. George IV was so obsessed with Eastern architecture that he asked for one of those "exotic" buildings. And boy, did he get it. He then decided the inside was boring and demanded everything be made of Kashmir and silk. Like, seriously? Talk about being extra.

But let me tell you, the inside is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It's so over-the-top that you forget you're in the UK. And to top it off, the wedding I attended had a food theme. When they said the food was going to be central to the wedding, they weren't kidding. The bride and groom commandeered a Spanish restaurant called Patterns and served up the most massive paella I've ever seen. And it wasn't just any paella - they had the most succulent seafood toppings. I'm talking langoustines, baby! The chefs cooked everything from scratch outside, and the smell was enough to make anyone drool.

Now, you'd think after all that food, people would be too stuffed to dance. But nope, not Becky and Tom. They had one of the best wedding bands I've ever seen - Rhythm of the 90s. These guys played all the classic dance anthems from, you guessed it, the 90s. It was pure nostalgia from the first note, and I loved it. I didn't expect to be transported back to my teenage years, but there you have it.

Overall, Becky and Tom's wedding was an absolute blast to photograph. It was so chill, so relaxed, and so much fun. Here are the highlights, folks. Enjoy!